Parts work

My approach is informed by Internal Family Systems, an individual therapy that combines mindfulness with the recognition that we all have a "family" of parts of ourselves. Just like in a real family, each part has a different personality and role to play in the system. Often, these parts are stuck in outdated roles that were needed in the past, such as being a perfectionist or a full-time worrier. Though it made perfect sense at the time to take on these roles, like a fever burning off an infection, if the response outlasts the threat it can begin to be a problem itself.

I use this approach to create a client experience of deep connection with these parts and with the core Self, a wise, compassionate, special part inherent in every person. I help clients heal the relationships amongst their parts and start to help the parts let go of their rigid roles. No part ever goes away, but rather gains  flexibility and a more effective way of contributing to the system.

After their initial session, many clients state that it was a unique experience, and often express awe at the complexity and multiplicity of their parts and the loving, calm presence they find in their Self. It takes some courage and often an initial willingness to suspend disbelief and give it a try, but the rewards can be deep and lasting.

This approach is a unique method that bypasses our rational minds and defenses and lets us approach deeper levels in ways that feel safe and accessible, creating space for new ways of relating to the self and thus, the world.

Especially if talk therapy hasn't worked for you, or if you're feeling ready to get right into some deep, impactful work, I would encourage you to talk to me about this approach.


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